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A one day Orientation and four day, high intensity “hands on” Train the Trainer workshop is specifically designed for sites to enable trainers to learn a substantial amount of content in a very short time. The workshop includes a comprehensive introduction to the concepts of:

  • patient acuity
  • workload monitoring and workload allocation
  • rostering and leave planning
  • diet allocation
  • allied health registers
  • clinical and medical handovers, and
  • all HRM functions.

The workshop will ensure:

  1. Key personnel understand the objectives of TrendCare and how to use TrendCare effectively,
  2. A seamless and smooth rollout of TrendCare into the organisation.

The workshops will ensure a quick realisation of benefits to both staff and management within the organisation.

This workshop is recommended for:

  1. Implementation of TrendCare into new sites*
  2. Any site requiring a comprehensive, intensive training workshop on all functions of TrendCare (re-implementation, etc)

* Essential for successful implementation of new sites

Our Product

  • Patient acuity and workload management
  • Workforce planning
  • Dynamic productivity & efficiency reporting
  • Rostering & leave planning
  • Clinical pathways & outcomes reporting
  • Care plans & outcomes reporting
  • Patient risk assessments & reporting
  • Care capacity management
  • Dynamic care capacity displays
  • Multi-disciplinary clinical handovers
  • Allied health intervention registers
  • Diet ordering & reporting
  • HRM tracking and reporting
  • Training & competency registers
  • Staff health registers

Our Services

  • Development and Implementation of the TrendCare product
  • Clinical and Management Support
  • 24 hour IT Support
  • User group meetings
  • “Train the Trainer” workshops
  • Report Interpretation workshops
  • Roster Reengineering workshops
  • Work Reengineering workshops
  • Annual update workshops for user sites