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This ½ day or full day workshop enables attendees to identify a range of reports which will assist managers detect trends in acuity and activity to identify service requirements and performance against budgets.

Some of the key reports reviewed in the workshop include:

  • Ward Acuity Hours Per Patient Day (HPPD) Per Patient Type Report
  • Ward Period Shift Variance Report
  • Ward / Department Productive and Non Productive Hours Report
  • Ward Productive Hours by Work Status Report
  • Roster Re-engineering Report.
  • Care Capacity and Discharge Analysis reports and graphs
  • Casual, agency, overtime and sick leave reports and graphs
  • Hospital / Ward specialling reports and graphs
  • Patient Episode reports and DRG reports
  • Staff work history and HRM reports

Analysis of these reports will enable managers and the organisation to use the TrendCare reports to identify trends that have the potential to affect efficiency, and to use the data to plan for appropriate and efficient resource allocation. National and International benchmarks are used for comparison.

This workshop is recommended for:

  1. All new sites, three months after the Inter-Rater Reliability Workshop
  2. Any site requiring re-training due to turnover of key personnel
  3. Updating sites on the use of new efficiency reports and graphs

Our Product

  • Patient acuity and workload management
  • Workforce planning
  • Dynamic productivity & efficiency reporting
  • Rostering & leave planning
  • Clinical pathways & outcomes reporting
  • Care plans & outcomes reporting
  • Patient risk assessments & reporting
  • Care capacity management
  • Dynamic care capacity displays
  • Multi-disciplinary clinical handovers
  • Allied health intervention registers
  • Diet ordering & reporting
  • HRM tracking and reporting
  • Training & competency registers
  • Staff health registers

Our Services

  • Development and Implementation of the TrendCare product
  • Clinical and Management Support
  • 24 hour IT Support
  • User group meetings
  • “Train the Trainer” workshops
  • Report Interpretation workshops
  • Roster Reengineering workshops
  • Work Reengineering workshops
  • Annual update workshops for user sites