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A formal programme of Inter-Rater Reliability testing for all acuity-rating departments is an essential component of the successful administration of the TrendCare System to ensure data integrity remains at a high level. It is recommended that an IRR workshop be completed within the first three months after implementation, with follow up workshops as required.

This full day workshop will ensure: 

  1. Improved understanding of the theory and concepts of the TrendCare Acuity Tool
  2. Key personnel understand the objectives and importance of Inter-rater Reliability Testing to ensure the accuracy of individual nurse raters and identify staff knowledge deficits in the use of the TrendCare acuity tool.
  3. Key personnel are able to verify data to facilitate patient classification and acuity information to be used to develop and re-engineer rosters, achieve and maintain staffing efficiency, and assist with the costing of patient

 This workshop is recommended for:

  1. All new sites, between the second or third month post-implementation of TrendCare*
  2. Any site requiring re-training due to turnover of key personnel
  3. Any site whose IRR Testing has not been completed within the previous 12 months
*Essential for successful implementation of new sites and maintenance of accurate data

Our Product

  • Patient acuity and workload management
  • Workforce planning
  • Dynamic productivity & efficiency reporting
  • Rostering & leave planning
  • Clinical pathways & outcomes reporting
  • Care plans & outcomes reporting
  • Patient risk assessments & reporting
  • Care capacity management
  • Dynamic care capacity displays
  • Multi-disciplinary clinical handovers
  • Allied health intervention registers
  • Diet ordering & reporting
  • HRM tracking and reporting
  • Training & competency registers
  • Staff health registers

Our Services

  • Development and Implementation of the TrendCare product
  • Clinical and Management Support
  • 24 hour IT Support
  • User group meetings
  • “Train the Trainer” workshops
  • Report Interpretation workshops
  • Roster Reengineering workshops
  • Work Reengineering workshops
  • Annual update workshops for user sites