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This solution aims to:

  • predict the date and time for all patient discharges and ensure they are accounted for when measuring acuity, allocating work to clinical staff and ordering diets
  • identify the reasons for late discharges
  • identify the reasons for cancelled discharges
  • enable a central bed management position to view all predicted discharges across all wards/units in the health care facility
  • enable bed managers to view the bed allocations for patients and boarders across the health care facility including all predicted discharges, admissions and transfers
  • enable bed managers to view empty beds and potential empty beds due to patient discharges, deaths and ‘failure to arrive’. Patients ‘transferred out’ and ‘on leave’ are also identified.

Reports generated 

  • Ward / hospital discharge summaries
  • Ward / hospital bed availability
  • Ward / hospital discharge analysis
  • Ward / hospital activity
  • Ward / hospital reason for late discharge by doctor
  • Hospital transfer to discharge lounge analysis

Graphs generated

  • Ward / hospital discharge profile
  • Ward / hospital discharge predication rates
  • Ward / hospital cancellation rate of predicated discharges
  • Ward / hospital cancelled discharges
  • Ward / hospital occurrence rate – late / delayed discharges
  • Ward / hospital occurrence rate – cancelled discharges
  • Ward Late Discharges by Doctor
  • Ward Occurence Rate Cancelled Admissions
  • Ward / Department Demand Projection Graphs

All TrendCare reports and graphs can be saved as PDF, text or CSV format e.g. for transfer into a spreadsheet.

Ward Discharge Analysis Report

Our Product

  • Patient acuity and workload management
  • Workforce planning
  • Dynamic productivity & efficiency reporting
  • Rostering & leave planning
  • Clinical pathways & outcomes reporting
  • Care plans & outcomes reporting
  • Patient risk assessments & reporting
  • Care capacity management
  • Dynamic care capacity displays
  • Multi-disciplinary clinical handovers
  • Allied health intervention registers
  • Diet ordering & reporting
  • HRM tracking and reporting
  • Training & competency registers
  • Staff health registers

Our Services

  • Development and Implementation of the TrendCare product
  • Clinical and Management Support
  • 24 hour IT Support
  • User group meetings
  • “Train the Trainer” workshops
  • Report Interpretation workshops
  • Roster Reengineering workshops
  • Work Reengineering workshops
  • Annual update workshops for user sites