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This solution aims to:

  • Provide a user-friendly rostering system enabling nursing and non nursing services to develop a roster that meets the needs of their individual services
  • Enable multiple wards / departments to be included in one roster
  • Provide the ability to assign comments to rostered shifts to provide additional information / detail relating to the individual shift
  • Create a roster using a wide range of shift types including split shifts and "on call shifts"
  • Provide the ability to plan staff leave over a 12 month period
  • Provide the ability to roster hours to a wide range of staffing areas / activities (compatible with the TrendCare staff allocation screen)
  • Provide the ability to map public holidays over a 12 month period
  • Provide the ability to archive rosters for retrospective checking / auditing.
  • Provide a printout of each nurses' roster


Staff names and hours can be imported from the TrendCare Roster System into the TrendCare 'Allocate Staff' screen. The latter function is used to display all staff members and their hours available / worked in each department for a specific date and shift. The TrendCare 'Allocate Staff' screen compares rostered hours with:

  • Measured acuity requirements
  • Preset nurse patient ratios
  • Minimum staffing hours
  • Preset hours per patient day targets.

Reports generated

  • Hard copy rosters displaying roster codes, requests and shift comments
  • Hard copy rosters displaying start times and finish times, requests and roster comments
  • Each staff member’s individual rosters
  • Leave calendars
  • Leave reports and public holiday reports
  • A calendar of staff rostered for a week – enables comparison to surgical, day only and procedural lists.
  • Staff rostered shifts for a day / week or fortnight
  • Rostered hours verses contracted hours report

All TrendCare reports and graphs can be saved as PDF, CSV or text format, for example, for transfer into a spreadsheet.

Rostering and leave planning screenshot

Our Product

  • Patient acuity and workload management
  • Workforce planning
  • Dynamic productivity & efficiency reporting
  • Rostering & leave planning
  • Clinical pathways & outcomes reporting
  • Care plans & outcomes reporting
  • Patient risk assessments & reporting
  • Care capacity management
  • Dynamic care capacity displays
  • Multi-disciplinary clinical handovers
  • Allied health intervention registers
  • Diet ordering & reporting
  • HRM tracking and reporting
  • Training & competency registers
  • Staff health registers

Our Services

  • Development and Implementation of the TrendCare product
  • Clinical and Management Support
  • 24 hour IT Support
  • User group meetings
  • “Train the Trainer” workshops
  • Report Interpretation workshops
  • Roster Reengineering workshops
  • Work Reengineering workshops
  • Annual update workshops for user sites